Membership Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto


Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto is a non-profit organisation, supported by membership fees. We use the money to pay for the rent of the space, purchase the necessary equipment (in 馃嚨馃嚤; Google translate), create HS3 scholar ships (in 馃嚨馃嚤; Google translate) and organise interesting events.

By supporting Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto, you help the democratisation of knowledge and disemination of skills in arts and craftsof skills in arts and crafts. You support the work of dozens of people how change their local communities for the better. You support the engine of these changes. Together we improve society.

Contributors gain access to our physical space and the equipment there, for their own or join projects. You can support Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto for as little as 16 PLN per month. If you dontate at least 128 PLN per month, you get your own keys and the ability to use the space day and night (but remember: we do not sleep in the space!)

Become a member by joining us in na Patronite, and don’t forget to join our discord.