Hackerspace is a space

In its basic form, Hackerspace is an open technological space bringing together those who want to create a friendly community to build joint projects, develop and share knowledge.

We create a space where culture, art and technology combine. We organize meetings, workshops and hackathons. We develop projects, learn together and create a place where you will meet people with similar interests. Together we are able to build a creative heart of the Tr贸jmiasta!

Hackerspace is a community

Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto jest is a place where we will be happy to listen to everyone. As part of the discussion, on the basis of consensus, we build a space where you too can feel good!

We offer an open space for knowledge exchange. Engineers, artists, writers and athletes share their experiences, and such an explosive mix of specialties results in projects of various kinds. From musical Hackathons, to designing stopwatches for competitions, to challenges with Aerial Yoga.

Hackerspace is an action

We try to help people taking their first steps in the world of new technologies, and we also support people in self-education and personal development. We show different paths and opportunities, teach how to manage time and learn effectively. Whenever possible, we implement social projects.

Is it a joke? No! Take a look at the list of all the projects and activities we have carried out since 2016.

Hackerspace is trust

We know how important transparency is. Our budget has been run openly since the beginning of our activity, so everyone knows exactly what their money is spent on. Access to the budget (in 馃嚨馃嚤; Google translate) is always available.

Hackerspace Tr贸jmiasto cooperates with many organizations and foundations, we are legally and accountingly supported by the CODE:ME Foundation.

We act for the good of the community, not for profit. All activities that we carry out stem from the passion and commitment of good people and companies.


al. Wojska Polskiego 41
80-268 Gda艅sk

Open 24/7 for members with a key.

For members without key and non-members: ask on Discord if someone is there (in English or Polish).