We’re moving!

We promised interesting news, here it is.

Earlier this year, we were happily nerding out, enjoying the fact that at any moment, we could visit Spejs, chat with interesting people, play games, or work on our projects.

However, every now and then, it felt like things were getting tight. In particular, the new tools we wanted to introduce didn’t quite have a place to call home. Theoretically, we hadn’t reached the limits of filling our Hackerspace yet. In practice, though, we felt that the Hackerspace should be more than just a warehouse… Conclusion: we could use “a bit more” than the space we had.

Our “bit more” is taking shape.

True to the DIY hacker and Adam Słodowy fans that we are, we decided to expand into the garage. The additional space was a perfect fit! This workshop gave us an extra 21m² and room for working with wood, metal, resin… and anything else that’s noisy and dusty.

Now it’s time for the next step. In the near future, we plan to move our “clean” belongings to approximately 80m^2. By “near future,” we mean… the next weekend :D

From ~45m^2 to ~100m^2 in just under a year! The space utilized in every inch for the development and work on our projects.

We want to thank you for this. It’s for you, and thanks to you, that we do all of this. It’s OUR shared, friendly, helpful, and open space. It’s great to be part of such a creative hacker community!

What does this move mean for you?

More space for projects. More space for new tools that we can use together. Greater opportunities for organizing meetings, workshops, hackathons, etc. And maybe more tables for pizza…

New possibilities also mean new dreams and desires. If you’d like to contribute something to our collective workshop, check out what’s on our Wishlist (in 🇵🇱; Google translate).

Perhaps you have some equipment that you don’t use often and would like to share with other hackers. Sharing knowledge and sharing tools are fundamental to any hackerspace.

Oh, and most importantly: our space is growing, but we’re not changing our address. We’re still at Wojska Polskiego 41.

Feel free to visit!